LIGATEX is a vine binder with amazing features :


Description :

  • It is a manual binder which makes a link automatically.
  • The manipulation of this tool is made by one hand and this WITHOUT ANY PINCHING ACTION (no more risk of tendinitis). The arm works and this, without any effort.
  • The other hand is therefore free to put the stick in the right position.
  • It can be used with the right or left hand!
  • Its automatic use enables you to work with gloves.
  • The link between the two is very quick in 3 seconds tops!
  • The movement is divided in 3 simple steps: 1 – push 2 - pull 3 - lift. (i.e use page)
  • The link will deteriorate little by little to break when the time for pulling wood has come.


LIGATEX is therefore a comfortable, quick and economical piece of machinery!
Used for many years in all the big vineyards in France, but also abroad in Germany, Italy, Australia..., The vine binder Ligatex has won over all its users.
More comfortable and quicker than the systems with separated wire; Lighter, easier, just as efficient and a lot cheaper than the electric systems, LIGATEX is the perfect compromise for a binding in the best conditions!

Those who have tried it have also adopted it

The tool

The spool

The head

Features :

  • link in galva wire of 0,40mm (0,44mm in option)
  • between 1100 et 1200 links per spool (with a wire of 0,40mm)
  • weight with a new spool: approximately 500g
  • in case of bad use, wire can be put back in place very quickly
  • greasing with vaseline
  • cleaning with petrol or white Spirit
  • created and made in France