Advice to use the vine binder LIGATEX


Advice :

It is very important to do these movements WITHOUT ANY ABRUPTNESS; The handling of Ligatex does not require any effort. You just need to go forward until it stops, and backwards until it stops (simply completely, as the wire is cut at the end of the traction) and that is it. It is better to work smoothly rather than quickly.

The rolling-up of the spools is specific to Ligatex. If, in spite of the very attentive care brought to the rolling-up, the wire was stuck, the link would not work any more. It is just necessary to pull 10 cms of wire to cross the blocked zone (surrounded) by the spool then to redo the stages 3 and 4 above (use the binder “empty” to cut the thread and to put back the extremity in a good position).

LIGATEX does not require any particular care but only to be used normally.
There is no part of systematic tear and wear(even by the cutting-thread which cuts through and does not cut; no sharp edge!)
You just need to keep it clean AND ESPECIALLY NOT TO GREASE IT TOO MUCH!!! The entire visible mechanism would cover itself then with dirt. It is just enough to grease slightly the parts in friction with some oil of sewing machine or some penetrating oil.

If while in use, a wrong move would tangle the wire , just repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4 of the change of the spool.
In a few seconds , the binder will be ready again !

Please see our demonstration vidéo of its use in the vines !

Optional small case: